Ladies V-Neck - FWBK Edition (Black or Grey)

Ladies V-Neck - FWBK Edition (Black or Grey)

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100% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton Women's V-Neck Black with White Logo Front and Back. (Black or Grey) 

Wear something that encourages good mobile behavior.

Our Mission is THUMB! Teaching Humans Universal Mobile Behavior and our message is "Hold a hand not a phone"


1. On all orders received with code "Offline", back logo is Offline October and we donate 100% of profits to "Offline October" to help their mission to educate consumers on issues associated with screen addiction. JOIN THE MOVEMENT, TAKE THE OFFLINE CHALLENGE                       

2. On all orders without a code, back logo is FWBK and we donate 10% to BK Style Foundation to support its mission presenting innovative educational programs to young people interested in developing careers on the creative and business aspects of fashion.